Build a Structure That's Meant to Last

Learn more about steel-framed structures from our expert in Buffalo Center & Forest City, IA

If you're ready for a construction project, you'll want to build a resilient structure that will last. Langfald Construction, LLC builds residential and commercial steel structures in Buffalo Center & Forest City, IA. These durable, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable structures are perfect for all kinds of uses.

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Choosing a design that suits your property

Many people may think of steel-framed structures as simple, boxy structures with no real appeal. However, this perception couldn't be further from the truth. Steel buildings are a popular choice for retail shops, wholesale sellers, office spaces and more. These structures:

  • Come in a wide variety of designs
  • Withstand the elements and the test of time
  • Take a shorter time to construct than traditional buildings

Of the commercial buildings contractors build every year, nearly 90% are commercial steel structures. If you're interested in your options for a steel building, contact us now.

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